I was in the ro2 tag and WOW YOUR FANART IS INCREDIBLE! I thought I was looking at the official art wtf

whoaa thanks so much ;_; well yeah I did that for a contest tho, I hope this one could win…. Hehe.

[RO2] Evening Breaktime progresses.

for LGF2014 fanart competition. wish me luck >_>


- So basically the snake ran a long, long gambit to continue to exist forever by engineering events that would lead to the creation of a new Queen, who would continually reset the world forever so that she can continue to spend time with her friends.
- By doing this, the snake…

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Tateyama Ayano @ Mekakucity Actors act 12 Summer Time Record


Hasil belajar selfie bareng suhu bella wkwk #latepost

Hasil belajar selfie bareng suhu bella wkwk #latepost

Mekakucity Actors ep 11, anyone? :»

at the first scene i thought how in the wolrd route xx was gonna happen now when seeing black-hoodie shintaro grabbed the legendary red scissor and…. just… how…
but it turned out he went into the daze and met ayano omg omg i dunno why but shin looked soo ikemen in this ep hehehe :> :> :> i dont believe in route xx anymore after watching this ep

and the rest of episodes were retelling the 5th novel spoilers… and unfortunately that ‘it’s all your fault!’ kano!Ayano scene which made shintaro a shut-in didn’t appear, when the whole ayano-black snake-kano scene on the rooftop had more details compared to the novel. It’a a pity :\
SHAFT has done a good job making kano’s awesome character went all out in this ep :))

and what tops this ep is when these kids posed ‘welcome to mekakushi-dan!’ hahaha that was gold how come they didn’t notice Takane was there instead of ene lol this is gonna be interesting :>

prepare yourself, last ep is coming… and it’s Summertime Record!! postively a happy ending for teh anime route, gays! though I really do want to see outer science happen… hehehe.

Ask me? go ahead :))

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Ayano’s Theory of Happiness is here!!

Soo basically after watching mca ep 9, every misteries were getting solved one by one. I’d say this ep would be the key for ppl who didnt really follow the kagepro spoilers to satisfy their answers so far. yep.

yay for ShinAya scenes hehehehe though its just Ayano being mushy mushy but I also like Shintaro with his ‘I-dont-have-any-choice-but-to-stick-with-you-ayano’ attitude in their highschool year :))
and here Kano was beiing like jelly all alongg blushing lil kano was just so cuteee :3 

I don’t want to ruin the KanoKido feels but after watching this ep and reading 5th novel scenes I couldnt help but to think KanoAya (one-way though) was real! maybe someday I’ll make a quick doodle of Kano & Shintaro fighting over Ayano hwhwhwhwhwhw

The weakness of this ep was definitely the animation for its insert song. Why does SHAFT have to use that Aku no Hana super creepy 3d technique plz it would be ‘Ayano’s theory of creepiness’ instead lol
The covered song was fine though.

otherwise, this episode is a great one. can’t wait to see SetoMary moments in Imagination Forest next week :))


How to Pack Luggage?

oooh i gotta try this soon